DBI-SALA/PROTECTA TM shock absorbing lanyards

DBI-SALA/PROTECTA TM shock absorbing lanyards are made of quality materials and are built to last. AG Corporation helps you to consume DBI-SALA/PROTECTA TM lanyards, which will help you get the best in safety, ease-of-use and durability. Our principal DBI-SALA/PROTECTA's lanyards meet or exceed rigorous industry safety standards including OSHA and ANSI Z359.1. Trust the Best, Fall Restricting Device.

Shockwave lanyards from DBI-SALA/PROTECTA

Shockwave lanyards from DBI-SALA/PROTECTA are uniquely designed to expand and contract in reaction to a worker's movement. Different basic models of shockwave lanyard are available. Shockwave speciality lanyards like Shockwave rescue lanyards, Web loop lanyards, Arc Flash lanyards, Tie -back lanyards are available in different brands like SHOCKWAVE TM 2 and EZ-STOP TM II, RETRAX TM lanyards, Force 2 TM, Wrap Box TM 2 are also available with us at AG Corporation.


Lanyards without shock absorbers such as rope or web lanyards and chain rebar assemblies, are designed for positioning or restraint applications. Web Positioning lanyards, Chain & Web Rebar positioning lanyards, rope positioning lanyards are also available.

DBI-SALA/PROTECTA's self retracting lifelines

We are also the major suppliers of DBI-SALA/PROTECTA's self retracting lifelines which are greatly reliable and versatile. Our products include the first retractable lifeline, sealed SRL, RSQ dual-mode SRL, 3-way SRL with built in retrieval and the impact indicator. Our Self Retracting Lifelines(SRL) meets OSHA and ANSI standards. The Sealed BlokTM Self Retracting Lifelines , Ultra-Lok TM , RSQ TM Dual -Mode Built in rescue operation- Fall Arrest Mode(Assisted Rescue by Pole & Assisted Rescue by Hand), Automatic Descent Mode are the various safety options available. TALON Self Retracting Lifelines, TALON Twin-leg self retracting lifelines are also available which are lighter, stronger and safer. Accessories for all major products are also available with us.

DBI-SALA/PROTECTA vertical systems

Climb with our DBI-SALA/PROTECTA systems. We offer the industry's premier vertical safety systems designed to complement your ability to work. Our vertical systems meet applicable OSHA an ANSI standards. A vertical fall protection system allows the workers to move up and down the entire height of the lifeline rather than having to disconnect and find new tie-off points along the way. Portable, permanent, mobile and manual, assisted and non assisted vertical systems are available with us which suits the requirements of various industries. LAD -SAFTM Fixed ladder safety system, LAD-SAF TM Steel pole(weld-on) ladder safety systems , LAD-SAF TM curved ladder safety systems and LAD-SAF TM ladder accessories, RAILOK 90TM standard ladders & integrated ladders, LAD-SAF TM powered climb assist ladder safety system, SSB Climb Assist systmes, rope grabs(both auto and manual),rope adjuster(manual) rope grab kit are other vertical systems and accessories available through us.

DBI-SALA/PROTECTA horizontal lifelines

Almost all safety engineers and site directors choose DBI-SALA/PROTECTA horizontal lifelines which are very much dependable for mobility and fall protection. Our horizontal systems are precision engineered and rigorously tested to meet OSHA an ANSI requirements. We have portable and permanent systems. We also have synthetic lines that are extremely lightweight. Portable horizontal systems like SECURASPAN TM horizontal lifeline systems, SAYFLINE TM cable horizontal lifeline systems, SAYFLINE TM synthetic horizontal lifeline systems, SECURASPAN TM pour-in-place horizontal systems, SECURASPAN TM pour-in-place accessories and horizontal lifeline components are also available with us. Permanent Horizontal lifelines like SAYFLINE TM multi-span horizontal lifeline systems , evolution TM permanent horizontal lifeline systems of DBI-SALA/PROTECTA are also available at our warehouse.

TRAM TM fall protection systems

TRAM TM fall protection systems are also available with us which provides safety and access for workers on the top of all types of road tankers, ISO tanks and static tanks for various industrial , mining, defense and transportation industries. TRAM TM mobiles, TRAM TM fixed, ISO container TRAM TM are our another diverse range of horizontal systems. TRAM also provides harnesses for varied uses at different sizes.


Our anchorage connectors are tested to meet or exceed OSHA and ANSI standards. We offer the most complete line of anchorage connectors available today. Most of our anchors are equipped with isafe TM We provide different types of anchorages based on different criteria like, depending on what they are connected to, fixed or mobile and permanent or portable. General(all-purpose anchors), anchorages for steel, roofs, concrete and other specialties for specific purposes. General Anchorage systems, Concrete anchorage connectors, roof anchorage connectors and specialty anchorage connectors are available in different models along with fall protection kits.


Each custom solution is driven by our customer's needs and is dependent on the industry, environment and specific design constraints, including government standards. FLEXIGUARD TM A-FRAME Fall Arrest System(FAS), FLEXIGUARD TM Boxed-Frame Rail Fall Arrest System(FAS), FLEXIGUARD TM C-Frame Rail FAS, FLEXIGUARD TM Counterweight Rail FAS, FLEXIGUARD TM Custom Rail FAS and FLEXIGUARD TM Ladder FAS are the various types of custom access solutions which are durable, portable, flexible which ensures safety and reliability wherever and whenever you need it. Custom solutions are also available to meet your specific requirements.


When it comes to confined space entry/rescue, it is essential that equipment operates perfectly and quickly. AG Corporation supplies DBI-SALA/PROTECTA's extensive line of rescue and retrieval systems . Our highlights in our confined space rescue systems are ease of use, specialised mechanical services, durability, versatility, strength and portability. Advanced Davit Arm System Components which are designed for use where multiple offset masts are required are available with one-piece adjustable offset davit masts, advanced two or three piece adjustable offset davit masts and lower mast extensions, advanced bags and accessories. Advanced Series Hoist Systems are available in different models with advanced 5 piece hoist system, 5 piece equipment cart. Advanced Portable bases with 3 piece portable base, carrying bags are available with different models like external tank cover, internal tank cover, forklift basket, adjustable mount sleeves etc. Advanced Counterweight systems are also avalable in a variety of anchoring options, positioning and adjustment legs and extension assemblies. Advanced Fixed Bases work with a variety of Advanced Davit Arm and Mast Extensions. Fixed bases are ideal for work areas where frequent set-up and tear-down is required and a based can be permanently installed to an existing structure. Advanced tripods, cantilever rescue system, advanced basic hoist, pole hoist system, tank pod system, advanced portable fall arrest post and custom solutions are our special solutions in confined space rescue.


Our rescue an descent systems are the most safe and effective systems which meet appliable industry standards. Rollgliss TM R500 rescue and descent device, Rollgliss TM R350 rescue systems, Rollgliss descender, Rescumatic TM automatic descent controller, RollglissTM self rescue device, fisk descender, Rollgliss TM R250 rescue kit, rollgliss rescue ladders, rollgliss rescue ladder anchor, tension limiter are a few of the various products we offer under the rescue and descent section.


Even if you never use it, you'll feel better knowing there's a DBI-SALA/PROTECTA netting or guardrail system protecting you. We supply various types of netting for various applications and customize solutions to meet specific job requirements. All of our netting and guardrail systems meet or exceed OSHA and ANSI standards. Personnel/Debris Nets, personnel nets, vertical net debris system, floor-to-ceiling debris netting system, portable guardrail system, guardrail accessories, and portable construction guardrail systems are available which protects the employees with little or no training, special maintenance or gear.