Full Body Harness

Fendall 2000 TM Heated Accessory by Honeywell Inc USA, is the first of its kind and offers an innovative solution to the challenges presented by workplace environments that are extremely cold or vary due to seasonal weather changes. Both the Fendall 2000 TM and Fendall Pure Flow 1000 Eyesaline cartridges are now both RFID enabled to simplify inspection, maintenance and inventory control to help support and strengthen workplace safety programs.

EXOFIT NEX TM Vest Style Full Body Harnesses

These are the most universal, with multiple configurations an connection point options. They are used across a wide variety of industries. These are available in different models like EXOFIT NEX TM vest style harness 1113055, 1113070, 1113010, 1113040, 1113085, 1113100,111315.

EXOFIT NEX TM Tower Climbing Harnesses

Tower climbing models are built to keep workers comfortable during extended hours in harness. Tool loops are ideal for carrying equipment. The different variables available are 1113193, 1113130, 1113160.

EXOFIT NEX TM Global Wind Energy Harnesses

Our wind industry harnesses meet global compliance standards like ANSI, OSHA, CSA and CE. 1113218, 1113213 are the models available in this section.

EXOFIT NEX TM Miner's Harness

Our miner's harnesses are made with belts constructed specifically to hold equipment carried by miners. 1113199 is the model which has the most demand .

The Second Generation Full Body Comfort Harnesses

EXOFIT TM XP-The Second Generation Full Body Comfort Harnesses (Vest -Style Full Body Harnesses)

Vest-style harnesses are the most universal, with multiple configurations and connection point options. They're used across a wide variety of industries. The different variants available are 1110228, 1110128, 1110103, 1109728, 1109753.

EXOFIT TM XP Cross-over style Harnesses

A front mounted D-ring makes the cross-over style ideal for ladder climbing and rescue applications. 1108903 and 1110353 are the models available.

EXOFIT TM XP Construction Style Harnesses

Made for general construction work, these harnesses have excellent tool-carrying capability, a sewn-in hip pad and removable body belt. The two models available are 1110153 and 1110178.

EXOFIT TM XP Tower Climbing Harnesses

A removable seat sling adds even more comfort, for those who wear them all day long. 1110303 is the model available in this type of harness.

EXOFIT TM XP Arc Flash Harnesses

XP arc flash harnesses are perfect for use in any industry where high voltage electricity is a concern. That's because all DBI-SALA/PROTECTA, TM arc flash equipment has been tested to perform in accordance with the stringent ASTM F887-05 Standard specification for personal climbing equipment. 1110842, 1110892, 1110852 are the types available in this section.

EXOFIT TM Vest Style Harness

EXOFIT TM Vest style harnesses are available in different models like 1108581, 1109358, 1108532, 1108606, 1107981. EXOFIT TM Cross over harnesses are available in two different models like 1108682, 1108706.EXOFIT TM Construction Style Harnesses, EXOFIT TM Derrick Harnesses , EXOFIT TM Wind Energy Harnesses , EXOFIT TM Tower Climbing Harness, EXOFIT TM Iron worker's harness are also available in different models.


Delta vest-style harness are available in different models like 1102008, 1102090 and 1102000. Delta Construction Style Harnesses, Cross-over style harnesses, Delta Iron Worker's Harness, Delta Tower Climbing Harness and Delta Arc Flash Harnesses are available in different models and sizes are available.


Sleeveless waist-length vest with harness built-in for high visibility, day or night. Meets ANSI classII requirements for high visibility vests. Delta also offers Delta Resist Webbing Harnesses, Delta Welder's Harnesses. Delta Oil and Derrick Harnesses, Delta Bosun Chair Harnesses in different models and sizes.


Lineman's Belts and Tongue Buckle Belts are available in different models an sizes. Harness Accessories like Suspension Trauma Safety Straps and Harness Hydration Systems, Offshore life jackets are also available .