Personal Protection Equipments(PPE's)

Flame Resistant Clothing


KERMEL is the leading European manufacturer of meta-aramid fibers used in protective clothing against heat and flames. We supply all Kermel PPE 's which stands out because of its specific and safety features like non-flammability, good thermal insulator, mechanical strength thermo stability and resistance to chemicals, shrink resistance, extreme comfort, permanent colour and high durability. Kermel fibres do not melt nor burn when exposed to high temperatures.AG Corporation deals with Centurion products which are the major players in head, face and hearing protection worldwide. Helmets for general use in industry to provide protection to the wearer against falling objects and consequential brain injury and/or skull fracture. Bump caps provide protection to the wearer against the effects of striking head/scalp against hard or sharp stationary objects.

Chemical Resistant Clothing

Alpha Solway Limited

AG Corporation has also partnered with Alpha Solway Limited, manufacturers of Personal Protective Equipments(PPE's) such as disposable respirators & protective clothing, able to supply the off-shelf products as well as bespoke items to client's specifications. Alpha Solway Ltd is BS EN ISO 9001:2008 accredited & a member of the British Safety Industry Federation(BSIF) & Personal Safety Manufacturers Association(PSMA). Reusable clothing, disposable clothing, thermal clothing products and respiratory products are their major products.



River City Garments is another MCR safety brand which offers hi-vis garments, luminator rainwears, raincoats, aprons, sleeves, Memphis welding apparels, Limited flammability garments, hi-vis vests and garments, general purpose safety vests, hi-viz garments public safety vests, incident command vests and boots and a lot more.



MCR Safety guarantees the flame resistant properties for their lifetime subject to proper laundering, care and use. All Max Comfort gear is guaranteed to be free from defects of material and workmanship.

100% Cotton FR Coveralls With Lifetime FR Guarantee
MCR Safety FR Gear